Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Day of Records

Aunty, uncle, ah pek, ah mah, fishmonger, vegetable sellers, pasar malam traders are all in liao.

So many records were broken today.

Gainers vs losers: 976 vs 131 or 7.45 to 1.
Volume: 47 million lots
Value: RM4 billion

Easy money for everyone.

For me, I don't play contra. I just don't feel comfortable. So I'm sitting tight with my position. No buying - cause no more investment money, no selling - cause too greedy. Just watching.


greenbull said...

with market like that you wonder when is the party going to be over. it's great while it lasts. what goes up must eventually come down. it's a matter of timing and who gets to hold the hot potato when the music stops.

M.Hari said...

I agree. Everyone is in the market to grow rich even the street beggers do. There is no longer any need for anyone to go to work anymore. The stocks will go up and up. Just play them for a living. Malaysia forever! Hurrah Malaysia!

WB 2 said...

For fundamental share "what goes up must eventually come down" may not work.

Anonymous said...

hallo swifz, what share to buy ah? can share tip or not?