Sunday, February 25, 2007

What to buy?

If you ask me what to buy, do you also ask me what to sell? Buying comes natural to us because we are always consumers. Always looking to buy something. No wonder our home will be filled with new junk as soon as you cleared the old one.

My strategy now is to concentrate on the number of counters that I will play. Let's see, my system tells me that 621 counters are bullish based on monthly chart, 788 counters based on weekly and 913 based on daily. It's very hard not to pick a winner now.

Anyway, Astro is moving to challenge it's previous high of 5.80. Weekly chart says it is not yet overbought. It should have no problem of breaking this. Astro-CB will be a good play.

Kretam is moving up slowly. This is a laggard play. I missed out the leaders, so no choice to play on the laggard. Watch out on the Kretam-Wa. Only RM0.20 for it to in the money. CPO looks like going to challenge the previous high.

By the way, looks like crude oil has broken out of midterm downtrend. Maybe it will rechallenge the previous high of USD80.00. If this happens, then maybe oil & gas and CPO play. Or end of party?

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