Saturday, May 12, 2007

KLCI, Finance, Construction

KLCI: Possible weekly bearish divergent. No power liao. Low selling volume. Are we going to sink slowly? 1300 must be supported. If not, things will get ugly.
Finance: Still going up. No sign of trouble yet but volume is also strinking.

Construction: A possible doji? Weekly MACD going into negative territory.


KennethofF said...


I think all bloggers who are patriotic Malaysian should highlight the discrminative policy of Mayban (and AmBank).

Maybe all right thinking Malaysian should be asked to seriously consider whether they want to continue banking with such a Bank.
Should we not make out voices heard loud and clear. Should we not seriously consider withdrawing all our monies from Mayban (and AmBank), cut their credit cards into two and returned to them, turn down all their offer of banking facilities and switch our banking facilities to banks which do not practise discriminative policies? Should we not deliver this strong message to Mayban (and AmBank) in such a loud voice to be heard also by others who are practising or intend to practise discriminative policies - so they will stop such disgusting policies?

Think about it and let all of us who belong to the group of right thinking Malaysian highlight and create an action group to fight discriminative policies being practice by any parties.

Consider pls!!!!!

swifz said...

Maybank service also sucks. The top management of Maybank just don't know how to run the company. Look at the controversy they get when they wanted to charge Internet account fees.

I will consider your proposal. Can you recommend a good bank with good counter service and a good Internet portal?