Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Supermx & Spolymr

The story is like this. Supermx is proposing to privatize Spolymr. Some genius comes out with a complex formula for the exchange of Spolymr shares into Supermx + some cash.

The whole deal values Spolymr at RM1.10 where it is assume that Supermx is valued at RM2.50.Supermx gives a buy signal a few days ago. Looks like it got the potential to break the previous high of 2.58. Unfortunately, Spolymr is not moving much (yet?). Why? I don't know. Anyhow, Spolymr also gives a buy signal now.

This is like a warrant play, for every 1 cents increase in Supermx, Spolymr should increase proportionally. The idea is to ride on the bullishness of Supermx. But must sell before the whole deal is complete. If not, one will end up with odd lots of Supermx.

That is why I added another position on Spolymr. I hope that this play will work out.


Anonymous said...

swift what price you buy spolymr? can still buy spolymr now @ 0.965?

swifz said...

I bought on 22 May. It's up to you to decide based on how risk tolerant you are.

BTW, you should know when to buy/sell. As the Chinese sayings goes:
Depend on people, people run away,
Depend on mountain, mountain collapses,
Depend on oneself is the best.

This is just my trading idea. Don't just follow, okay?

BY said...

I bought 159lot@0.90.
What is the best time to sell?

swifz said...

Sell to cut loss or to take profit? I don't know.