Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sell in May and....?

Everyone is waiting for the correction. Fear of China meltdown is in everyone's mind. Well, the truth is, when everyone is anticipating it, do you think will it happen? The market is always cruel to the market participants. It will always catch us with our pants down. I think that all short term players have already left the market in anticipation of correction. Only long term players left. If these long term players can push some more, sure it will draw back the short term players.

This time should be different, no football to distract our attention (hurray to AC Milan!). Foreign funds are back. Ringgit is appreciating. Election is coming. Furthermore, it is the reporting season in May. Good earnings will propel us further. The only thing that can halt this rally is something not in our mind. Not China, not carry trade, not subprime. If there is any sell down due to these, it should not be severe because they are old news liao. There must be something new to scare the shit out of us. That we will not know until...


boy said...

If you are a value investor,the up/down of economy will not affect you at all. A blog on Value Investing In KLSE

Jomaropol said...

Hi Swifz, I still think that China poses a big threat though, but not so soon. Maybe 2 months down the road.