Monday, July 30, 2007

KLCI weekly chart

Hmm....I'm pretty a laggard person. I always detect a trend when it is too is probably cause by the lagging indicators that I emphasis on.No good, no good. MACD goes deeper into negative territory. RSI shows downtrend. Stochastic is still in overbought but weakening. EMA still mean bull but the bull is tired. With weakness in Dow Jones, the bears should be able to push down more easily as the bulls are having a confident crisis.

Conclusion: I will avoid buying index component stocks and if I am in in any but without profit, then I will believe that it is better get out first to protect capital.

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sawit futures trader said...

I do not think laggard indicators as the issue. Prudent risk management requires laggard indicators as trading tools. It is wise to be prudent, aspecially in the money game..