Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Plus is still moving up to challenge the previous high. Can it or not break? Plus-CA is about 10 cents undervalue. That is why I jump into Plus-CA.


Anonymous said...

plus is at resistance level. buy if break resistance.

swifz said...

I can't glue myself to the screen the whole day. I have a normal day work. By the time I see the break of the resistance, most probably it will be too far from my comfort zone.

So I do the reverse, I judge the probability of breaking the resistance level based on the chart strength. Then I buy. If I'm wrong, I will take a small loss.

Anonymous said...

sold my plus at resistance. surprised you buy at resistance.

swifz said...

to tell you the truth, i seldom look at resistance/support level. These are only speed bumps. I only determine bull or bear. But this technique only works during a strong rally.

It seems that the current play is weak for most of the counters.

Maybe we use different system.

sawit futures trader said...

Sori, cannot agree with you. Support and resistance are places where most people decide to buy and sell. They are not just just speed bumps, they are STAIRCASE to capital gain.