Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Supermx & Spolymr II

I'm in back in Spolymr. I got only until 31 Jul to play this counter. 50% acceptance received by Supermx. Suddenly, Supermx price has broken a new high. So theoretically, Spolymr should worth about 16 cents more (based on Supermx current price of 2.66). Hopefully, this is not a one day event and Supermx can maintain the uptrend.

I'm hoping that some fund manager will play this arbitrage opportunity.


Anonymous said...

spolymr wont go above 1.10 the privatization price.

swifz said...

I made a mistake in the computation. Shouldn't have done it in my head.

The formula is:
(20 x Supermx price + 8.38) / 53

Supermx 2.62, Spoly 1.146

not much arbitrage.

Anonymous said...

hope you out of spolymr