Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Am Buying Stocks!

Err...not me. It's Warren Buffett. He has announce to the world that he is buying American stocks. I guess, if Buffett is buying, then should the rest of us. Hey, he is Warren Buffett. The king of investment. The old sage. After reading the article, I'm wondering:
  1. Why is he buying using his personal account and not through Berkshire?
  2. If he finds good value, doesn't his long term fans (shareholders of Berkshire) should also participate in the potential profit?
  3. Why is he telling the whole world that he is buying stocks when he usually don't do that?
My guess is that Bernanke, Paulson and President Bush have all failed to calm the market. But when Buffett talks, the world listens.  So, will the market stop sliding? Only time will tell. Remember, hedge funds are under tremendous pressure now. So, be careful and don't follow blindly. 

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