Friday, October 17, 2008

Still falling

Questions that are most probably in everyone's mind (answers are my personal opinion):
  1. Where is the bottom? Ans: I don't know now but I will tell you when I see signs of bottoming.
  2. Should I sell now? Ans: This depends on individuals. If you still can stand the pressure, keep holding. If not, sell. Your mental health is important too.
  3. Should I average down? Ans: Only if you have lots of capital and have the foresight of Warren Buffett. For poor people, hell no!
  4. Should I bottom fish now? Ans: Refer to no. 3.
  5. I have lost everything, what should I do? Ans: If you are under great stress, seek professional help. Find support in your religion or friends. The important thing is not to physically hurt yourself or your loved ones. The world will not end and the market will recover someday.
  6. Should I blame my financial consultant for my investment losses? Ans: You should have the basic knowledge of investment and stock market. If you did not take the time to acquire these knowledge, then you only have yourself to blame for. The responsibility is yours. Now, go to MPH and invest in a good book about investment.
For KLSE, everything is still down:
Malaysia Longterm Midterm Shorterm
KLCI Down Down Down
Finance Down Down Down
Construction Down Down Down
Plantation Down Down Down
Property Down Down Down
Mesdaq Down Down Down
2nd Board Down Down Down

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