Sunday, October 05, 2008

Wall Street Meltdown!


Anonymous said...

In current volatile market, we should adpot defensive strategy with projectable return.

1. Zhulian (est EPS: 18sen, PE=5x, NTA=0.74; dividend policy: 60%, single tier dividend=10.8sen; yield=12%; Payout frequency: quarterly, projected annoncement date: 17 Jan, Apr, July, Oct)

2. PJ development(est EPS: 12sen, PE=4.2x, NTA=1.74; gross dividend= 5 sen; yield=10%; Payout frequency: first and final; projected annoncement date: 29 Oct

3. Amfirst REIT - (est EPS: 9 sen, PE= 10x, NTA=1.04; Payout policy= 95%; income distribution= 8.6 sen; yield=10%; Payout frequency: semi-annual; projected annoncement date: 5 May, Nov)

swifz said...

If everything grinds to a halt, you will suddenly find that the PE will double or triple because no one is making any money anymore. Dividend will dry up. Survivor will be the utmost priority.

My defensive strategies:
1. Cash in bank
2. Short short short!