Monday, September 07, 2009

FBMKLCI Up Due to Myolie

FBMKLCI gained 11.65 points on 7 Sept 2009 to 1190.39 as Hong Kong beauty Myolie says that she may date Malaysian men. Her quest for love boosted the ego of testosterone full traders and fund managers of Bursa Malaysia as it shows that Malaysian men are still desired by Hong Kong women.

Ok ok, I made that up. This fantasy writing is no difference than what you read in your financial newspaper. Nobody knows why the market goes up or down. It is the effect of thousands and millions of people. Reporters just find an interesting story and declare it as the cause of some dramatic movement.

So, treat everything you read just as an entertainment. Don't be fooled by the news, it may just be some propaganda to encourage you to bid up the price. Nothing is what they seems to be.

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