Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jim Rogers on Technical Analysis

Pay no attention to those who talk down on technical analysis, just know who you are and what you can do. Select a method that suits you and stick to it:

If you are good at technical analysis, you will be successful. I personally do not use technical analysis and people have told me they do and they make money. You can analyse anything – bonds, commodities, forex, anything – if you are good at it. Many people use technical analysis and don’t succeed. But if you are good at it, you will succeed and you can trade in whatever you want.
- Jim Rogers
Source: Your 10 Questions - Jim Rogers

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PAPA said...

Mr. Rogers, I just read your books and listen to your interviews which has led to very good results and little stress. Hope you get to Phoenix again so I can listen to your incredible knowledge.


John and "Bow Tie Mama"; Phoenix, AZ