Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wynn Macau and HSI CW

3 new call warrants from CIMB will be listed on 9 Oct 2009:
New Warrants Expiration Type Ex Price Ratio
WYNN-C1 7/7/2010 Call HKD 10.0800 8 : 1
WYNN-C2 7/1/2011 Call HKD 12.8800 8 : 1
HSI-CB 30/11/2010 Call 21,000.00 8000 : 1

If you are from Bursa Malaysia, can you please ask Yusli to ensure that the warrant issuers include the stock code for the underlying stock of the SW? It is so troublesome to look for it. Wynn Macau stock code is 1128 and it is good if this code is included in the announcement template, just to prevent any misunderstanding.

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