Friday, April 20, 2007

2 Years of Blogging

Wau, time flies. It's already 2 years since my first posting on March 19, 2005. I didn't even now whether anybody is reading this blog until I put a stat counter into it today. I was amazed at the number of different IPs coming to this blog. I know my blog is nothing as compare to Moola, Dali, Sam or Ichi. But I'm still amaze at the hit I get.

I think that I'm on of the oldest surviving stock market blog in Malaysia :D. Most of the blogs don't survive long. Well, maybe I should to do some spring cleaning on those inactive blog links.

I'm not sure how long will this blog survive but I shall try to keep it up as long as I'm still trading stocks.


SwingTrader100 said...

Very impressive indeed to attract visitors from other countries. Well done.

D said...

Content is king. You have good content so keep it up :)

tucows said...

I enter your bog daily. Your content is informative. Keep it up!!