Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Kuala Lumpur Kepong (KLK)

Why expensive stocks keeps getting more expensive? Digi @ RM19, IOI @ RM23, Genting @ RM40?

Because the big boys are buying it. The foreigners cannot be bother with cheap shares because they got too much money. So we must play the big boys share. But 1 lot of these will cost us a fortune (for ikan bilis player like me). The solution is to go for the CWs.

KLK caught my attention. Monthly chart still pointing upwards. With bullish CPO, how high can it go? I got 3 choices, -CA, -CB, -CC. I don't like 10 to 1 ratio CW, so -CB is out. Comparing -CA and -CC, I choose -CC because the gearing is higher even though the expiration date is shorter by 2 months. Actually, I wanted to buy this earlier but forgot to monitor. A look at -CC chart shows that an uptrend has been established. After consolidating at around 0.40, looks like it is moving again. Let's see how far can KLK goes.

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