Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Health for Trading

Weekend spent with diarrhea, I still fell terrible. No appetite to eat, slight headache and fever and little bit short of breath. Health is very important, without good health, one cannot think properly. When one cannot think properly, one cannot see the market properly, this is bad for ones account.

When I recover from this, I will make sure that I will spend more time exercising.

Anyway, my KLK-CC finally moves above my purchase price. Hopefully it will move more. L&G is quite volatile, large swing each day. Paperly, I am even with this counter. Just hanging on as the long term chart is quite promising.


Michael2005 said...


dufu flies.. target price rm1.8

Anonymous said...

Thanks michael2005 for that priceless tip. I always come to this blog not to read swifz comments but to get your stock tips. Keep it up michael2005!

michael2005 said...

Keep yr eyes on these stocks:

1. Kluang
2. Tmclife
3. carotec
4. airasia
5. scomi
6. mobif
7. evergrn
8. dufu
9. sbagan
10. public (possible take over by Hong Leong price Rm12-Rm15)

i wish u all wld make lots of money$$$

good luck.