Friday, April 27, 2007


Trading at all time high. Will it go higher?

There are 3 CWs that are available. Commerz-CA, Commerz-CB and Commerz-CC. Commerz-CA gearing is low. So out. Between Commerz-CB and Commerz-CC, I choose Commerz-CC because of it's much better daily technical indicators. A possible uptrend in formation. The premium is reasonable as the expiration date is in October. Thus, I took an initial half position and will add if the indicators will close positively for the week.

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peisheah said...

I see that u can't access the market realtime. Why don't sign up with RHB. Their RHB Invest site is pretty decent. Once u have an account you can access. I've never done any trade with them but I use RHBInvest frequently.