Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Don't Become A Follower

Many people likes to follow a guru. I just got a message to simply follows Sams recommendation.

Guys/gals, don't you get it? It's not just about winning. It's winning with your capability. Sams himself says his objective is to teach FA. What have you learned from him? He is going to stop blogging after Feb 2008 (as he says it). So, if you don't learn anything, what will you do after that? Can you buy/sell with your own decision?

He likes to boost the superiority of FA. For me, no matter it is a black cat or white cat, as long as the cat can catch mice, then it is a good cat. There is no such thing as FA better then TA or vice versa. It's about something that suits your personality.

Some people uses NA: News Analysis, to see how market reacts to news to buy/sell. Others used SA: Sentiment Analysis.

So there are many techniques, be a master of one technique. Be the master yourself.


Anonymous said...

you have your point swift, i am a follower of no one , but what i can see from all the bloggers, sam is one of the best in term of capital return more over, he always called it before hand, can u find any other whose can do the same ?

swifz said...

Yes, he is the best based on his published account. But then, almost all never published their account.

Anonymous said...

almost all never published their ac is bcoz they have no confident on their picks & also most of them are big talker except a few they are really good. common sense will tell if they are capable, i dont see why they dare not to publish out their ac ? most of them like to show off including sam, if u wanna to show off let show us yr capability dont just talk only.

Anonymous said...

another good example, yesterday samgoss called to buy tekala at 1.34, look at tekala today ? i am not here to support or offend anyone, i am telling the fact, follow the right person whose can produce proven results, who cares he uses TA or FA !?

swifz said...

Many reasons why one does not publish his records:
1. No confidence (as you said)
2. Privacy, don't want to let other people know how much you have.
3. Staying anonymous, even from your remisier (just like you anonyous)
4. Just a free service, why should I tell you so much?
and bla bla bla.

Anyhow, you can follow Sam as you like. You can become a follower, or you can have followers. That's your choice and your right.

zentrader said...

"So, if you don't learn anything, what will you do after that? Can you buy/sell with your own decision?"

My answer is no worry, we can goto TheEdge Insider Asia Portfolio, they also have picked Tekala the time Sam picked it. :)


Anonymous said...

you are right zen trader, tekala picked by insider b4 sam's call, but how about ranhill,lionind, swee joo & wctland ? insider & the edge call also ? privacy ? u still can put up yr portfolio & get yr name deleted as sam did, who know who u are ? just like swift, nobody know who u are ? except blisswing ben gan. come to free service, if u dont want to tell so much, then why should u created a blog ? u owes people nothing . think my frend.

Anonymous said...

frends, he called to buy suria today at 1.04, dont come & tell me it is pick from insider & the edge also ? i were like u people , i doubt on his pick b4 , till i made gain from his pick then only i realised why he got so many loyal fans, u may striked 1 or 2 stocks by luck but u cant do it consistently, dont u agree with me ?

swifz said...

Aiyoh, the main point I was saying is to learn. Don't just follow blindly either it is Sam or Gan, or Ichi, Zen, Buffet, Soros or what ever.

I don't understand how this has become the "follow the Sam thing".