Wednesday, June 27, 2007

High percentage of failure

Looks like for every 2 stocks that I choose, 1 will not work out. Very high rate of failure, huh?

All my finance play not working out. I cannot imagine how did I missed out the property play. Maybe I was paying to much energy on L&G to get out from it. Talking about L&G, I missed the boat, I tried to get in last week but took the unusual way of using limit order. Usually I use market order. Most probably the past still haunts me. What play will be next?

Market ding dong up and down. I think I will leave the bluechips CW for now. The technicals are getting worse. US is not looking good. A double top? Not a good time for election if the market continue behaving like this. The best is maybe the year-end window dressing.

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Anonymous said...

So u use TA