Sunday, June 03, 2007

Transmile Anyone?

Aiyoh, I don't understand why people will buy Transmile at this time? Look at the chart, very long candles. This represents emotional buy/sell. Anything can happen. There is no certainty. As a trader/investor, one need certainty. If you are not certain, do you dare to take the bet? Yes, nothing is 100% certain, but at least when the odds are in our favor, then oklor.

There are many counters that are still going up. Why not take a bet on them? Why bet on something that is diving down? What is the fare value? Every fare value that was given by an analyst can be consider just a random point. Nobody knows what the market will pay for it. Don't catch a falling knife. Rebound play is just not worth the risk!


Anonymous said...

The price is now moving in the uncharted territory. No one knows how it will be right now.

For me, personally, I will not touch it at all at a market price above RM5.

silent reader said...

now u know why uncle eyeing transmile at <5.00 last friday ? closed 6.70 today ^_^

benny said...

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skiddtrader said...

Transmile issue is still blurry at best. No outsiders know for sure what is the ultimate report that would surface after the special investigation.

It could reveal more losses if worse, or a reduction of losses if better.

I don't feel it is worth the trouble.