Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I don't have any exposure to oil&gas play. Samudra was a lost oppurtunity.

Technically, I think Oilcorp may have good oppurtunity. If you read Samgoss blog, he has been promoting it for the past 2 weeks. I can't just follow blindly, correct? So need to have my own "reasons" :p

My justification for buying:
1. Daily stochastic swinging to the upper region.
2. Daily RSI downtrend broken, this means good chance for the price downtrend to be broken too.
3. Daily MACD going negative positive.

The reading from weekly chart is mix, generally it shows uptrend with consolidation. Anyway, if all daily indicators point up, maybe a good play for a swing to .....(can't put a price target because it will skew my analysis later)

This will be my third play with this counter, 1 good, 1 ok. How about this?


zentrader said...

I share your same view too. :)

sam follower said...

follow sam, u will never goes wrong, look at his ranhill, wctland,swee joo & lionind all gone up handsomely, no doubt he is abit arrogant but he is really good.

Anonymous said...

Im loving it .. bababaapapapa