Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Standarized the foreign CW parameters?

What the f...? The strike price for OSK CWs for foreign share are in HKD. The strike price for CIMB CWs for foreign shares are in MYR. Oh....this makes my computation so much harder!

Why can't there be a standard? This just brings confusion especially when one have to take into account the foreign exchange. If you don't look careful, you sure rugi.

Look at OSK CW Pricing table (11 Jun 2007 price). Even they are confuse. -44% premium for HSBC-C1 and 137.77% premium for Singtel-C1.

Shouldn't the basic parameters for foreign CWs be standardize?

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Maxforce said...

I m having the same problem too.
Difficult to understand.
Actually, even my remisier doesn't understand. Hahaha
So anyway, I didnt subscribe nor did I buy - not because there is no potential - its because I simply do not know how to assess the potential when it is so confusing :P