Monday, October 15, 2007

Bull vs Bear (12 Oct 2007)

Bull vs Bear

Still flat. Fund managers, you all have your rendang and ketupak. Spice up a little bit the share market now.

HK H-shares continue the crazy ride. A nice little poem for everyone.

Direct train coming through
Prices goes up the roof
Who cares about valuation
As this is only a perception

H-shares go higher
Bubble gets bigger
Uptrendline get steeper
Players get greedier

Petroch, Cnooc and Sinopec
Buy buy buy, auntie and ah-pek
ICBC, BOC and Chlife
Going up very nice
CCCC, Shenhua and Chalco
Yes! Go go go

Party till Olympic?
Currently not yet panic
But beware!
The creeping shadow of the bear

If you are the last one to get on
You will surely hit by the train head-on

P.S. Currently I'm sick with a cold, sore throat and red eye. So no feeling at all.

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