Friday, October 19, 2007

Bull vs Bear (19 Oct 2007)

Bull vs Bear

Bulls continue to go down. KLCI looks like going down too. SSE looks toppish. HK looks troubling. US banking sector in trouble. Possible double top for FTSE & DAX. STI run seems to have ended. Trouble every where.

I have continued to reduce my HK CWs. Only left with Petroch and Chlife CWs. Next Monday, new batch of CWs will be out: Chcbc-C1, Chmerch-C1, HKEX-C4 and Zijin-C1. All issued during the high tide. So beware!

BTW, thanks to the HK CWs, my account finally goes into the black! So I took 40 months to get back all my tuition fees. Lets see whether I can maintain my performance.


Anonymous said...

HKCWs listed in KLSE don't be affected by today 1000++ pts plummet in HSI. Why don't you take it as opportunity?

swifz said...

Cannot lar...It's not my style to play like this. If I do, sure cannot sleep. Then stress some more. I leave it to the day trader or contra kaki to make their profit.

Good luck with your trading.