Friday, October 26, 2007

Bulls vs Bears (26 Oct 2007)

Bulls vs Bears

Looks like the bulls are regaining back their strength.

I sold off almost all last Monday. Hey, I was spooked by this US market. But, someone always manage to push up the market before it closes.

Anyway, this time, I was discipline in cutting my losses. But the market turn right up after I cut. The previous time when I was not discipline in cutting my losses, the market when straight down. This shows that not only one need skills but also luck to win.

KLCI seems like it is going to break new high. I lost a few valuable position. Now, have to rebuilt it back. I will still go for the CWs for more bang per buck.

I have or trying to open position for the following CWs: IOICorp, Genting, KLK, PBBank, MISC, HWL and Cheungk.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I have read all your blogs and I am really amazed on your investing skill. Really!! The few stocks you mentioned, it all went up. Although I am still a student but I am really interested in investing in stock exchange…really interested. I have tried Bursapursuit the game but I can never achieve 300k and above. I hope to seek some guidance from you or maybe some tactics to invest. May I know who are you? Anyway I am Josh, you can email me at to see your reply soon..thanks…

swifz said...

It's a bull market, no skills really. Just luck.

My advice, concentrate on your studies first. It will distract you from your studies. Furthermore, you need to pay tuition fees for your studies, not in the stock market.

If you have extra cash that you can afford to lose, then invest in quality stocks with good dividend. Don't play derivatives (warrants) because they are a different game.

Anonymous said...

Ya i agree with you that deriatives are a different game because i have seen cases where ppl's money sort of just " burn" away. i understand that.

I believe that i can balance between investing and studies because investing is just a hobby of mine.i hope to learn to invest "PROLY" . My parents have the ability to support my tuition fees so far.

That is why i dont mind using my small savings to try the market and most importantly i am able to learn something. i am someone that knows the limit. Hopefully i can learn something from you ..really..i am really interest!

I am going to straight to the point...i hoep you can teach me. i can see the way you mention and is not pure luck. you have the experience, i can see that in your blogs.


swifz said...

I'm a technical analysis guy. My advice is only for this method. You need to find you which one (TA or FA) that you are comfortable with.

Your best investment are:
1. Trading for a Living: Psychology, Trading Tactics, Money Management by Alexander Elder
2. Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by Van K. Tharp
3. Trading Rules: Strategies for Success by William F. Eng
4. The Way of The Turtle by Curtis Faith
5. The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes by Mark Douglas

Read, think, analyze, practice. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Switz,
Thanks for the advise, i think i have the book the way of the turtle but i have never read it before. Maybe from now i will read it, i thought reading is not that usefull and having pratical experience is the best. that is the reason why i try on the real market. So yout best advise is to start reading first izit?

is it ok for me to ask you question?i hope i am not bothering you.1 more question,why have u stop posting out blogs?ur last blog was on friday.hope to see more of your blog.

swifz said...

Get the foundation first, then plunge yourself in.

For the reason of not posting, I'm only human. I am having bad days (not due to trading) now. So no mood to write .

Anonymous said...

hey swifz,
Ya, i am now taking finance and market analysis in my studies.Just started 3 weeks ago, there is where i grow interes in investing. Furthermore my mum plays with share but not Proly, thats why i wan to learn from someone who is good.

swifz, u sound angry.did i ofended u in some way?if yes, i am really sorry.

Swifz i thought of using my 1k that i earn working to buy Mems , i feel it will go up. i thought of contra it when it really goes up. any suggestion ?

swifz said...

I am not angry. Maybe I'm used to giving advice since I'm still pretty much in the learning process.

Don't buy because you "feel" it will do something. Unless you can feel/see the future, can you tell me how many times what you feeling comes true?

Anyway, I kind of lazy to explain things that are available elsewhere. Tell you what, spend the next few weeks reading the turtle book. Then ask me questions from there. Don't rush into buying.

Just remember most people lose money in the stock market. So no point in losing yours.

BTW, I won't touch mems at all. Maybe can go up a few cents but that is not what I'm looking for.

Anonymous said...

hey swifz,

Ok, maybe this weekend i will go and find those book u said.Maybe it is really worth it investing in books rather than stock.

erm, to be honest, my " feel" is pretty good and accurate.erm take Puncak for instance, last week it went down. i got the feeling that it will go up and i told my mum to pick it up on mon. Suprisingly, these two days it went up pretty much.Maybe i am lucky. Ok then, what do you suggest for me to invest? i earned 2k during my work and i find it useless to save it in the bank of FD. Any suggestion ?

btw may i know how old are you? you sound very mature and wise...^^

swifz said...

2k is not enough lor. Search for the 2% rule for money management.

Puncak is an uptrend stock. If you don't know it is in a uptrend, then you are lucky. Mems is a downtrend stock, if you also dunno, then you are also lucky because you ask me first :p

Make a journal of your feelings. Write the date and your feeling. Monitor it weekly. After maybe 100 feelings and if you get above 40% right, then only will I consider that you got something special inside of you.

Mature and wise? People says I look young :D

I decline to answer how old I am.

Anonymous said...

haha, Now your message got the word "lor". at least i dont feel the presurre when i talk to you.

OoOOO..I didnt know Mems is downtrend stock.thank god i ask you,then tomorrow i will sell it off when i break even but i am scare the market will continue to fall.

haha, maybe i am lucky a few times but i am sure there is nothing special about me. jus an ordinary tennager with big dreams.^^..i want to be succesful investor and be a millionaire in my 20's!!!!!

i dont know what is the 2% rule of money management. Dont worry, i will give you the answer in this week.haha..So are you suggesting that i just save my 2k in the bank?

Nvm,based on my feeling, you are somewhere your 30's my feeling correct ..?

swifz said...

10 year olds can't invest except Warren Buffet
40 year olds don't know how to blog.
50 year olds don't know about computer.
That leaves 20 and 30 year olds.

Ha ha ha.

Use some money of your 2k to buy books. then test out your theory in bursa pursuit.

Anonymous said...

LOl..true true.That means i am correct in your age.haha..

Bursapursuit is all about speculating thats why they can increase their capital 400%.Do you play with bursa pursuit?Hope my " si fu" is the tiger chan...^^ sounds really reluctant to teach and discouraging me to involve in the stock?why ..?why..?

anyway can i ask you bout your job?what do you do..?are you sort of like a fund manager..?