Friday, October 05, 2007

Bursa Pursuit Top 10

Bursa Pursuit Top-10 Ranking (5 Oct 2007)

Day 5 of competition, with an initial capital of MYR250,000.00, the No. 1 player now has MYR1,000,000.00!

I do not understand how can this happened. I wonder...

1. If these people are so damn good, are we the idiots that everyday lose money to them in the real game?
2. If you can earn 300% per week, why bother with the grand prize of MYR100,000.00?
3. What are they doing in a small market like Bursa Malaysia? Don't you want to be at Wall Street where the big money is?
4. Has the game simulate as close as the real game?
5. If you earn 300% per week, by week 6, will you have MYR1,024,000,000.00?
6. If No. 5 is true, will you own the whole wealth in Malaysia by the end of this year?


Anonymous said...

dont be jealous
they just great gambler. and ur just not good enough, therefore..... no one but me that reads ur blog


FKLI Traders' said...

Waoh! so good, 300% per weel, I also want, sign me in, Ha...ha..

Anonymous said...

Its a bug in the system. These player with 1m bought Parkson with 250k. They didn't reduce the volume that they hold. So when parkson combine 4 into 1, the price go from RM2 to RM8.
If you are lucky and bought Suria today, monday you will get X2 since Suria combine 2 into 1.

Anonymous said...

If you did follow the top ten list in Thursday, you will find that the whole top ten was changed right on Friday morning when the price of Parkson change.

With no transaction after 5pm Thursday and before 9am (around 845 where the new price kicked in) the top ten list was turned over.

This bug existed in the OSK game and CIMB game which are all create by N2N.

Malaysia Boleh ~!

swifz said...

Thanks for the explanations. I was wondering what share did they buy. I keep looking at the 100% gain counters but the volume was really low.

Anyhow, this shows the state of programming in Malaysia. CIMB warrant side got bugs. Even Bizstar marketwatch got bugs.

Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

I guess what they were after is your own information, IC number, address...etc. These may be priceless asset if we are to look in advertising perspective. Imagine how much they are to get if selling these info....?

Anonymous said...

aiyah those top people just whack bjcorp, muiind lah. it's a bull run. just whack any counter sure make money one.

Anonymous said...

in a bull market any tom dick and harry can make money. if bursapursuit is conducted during bear market then i respect those top people cos they must really be good.