Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chicken run

'I still sold [PetroChina] way too soon.'
— Warren Buffett

'I sold PetroChina CWs too soon.'
— swifz


I scrambled out like a chicken when the market drops. This time, when things are not clear in my mind, I run. The last time I didn't run, I was rolled over like roti canai. I'm obsessed with protecting my capital and profit. My mind is filled with questions.

Is it a correction? Is it the continuation of downtrend? Double-top? Bubble-top? Election-push up? Oil shock? Gold shock? Dollar shock? Year-end window dressing? Bonus time? Subprime? Rate-cut? Halloween horror?

Arrgghhh. Bounce up and down. Hard to read the charts.

Ok. Back to daytime work.

1 comment:

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