Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sector Index Analysis (11 Jan 2008)

KLCI Weekly Chart

What a rally. Daily is overbought. Weekly coming to overbought zone too. Correction should set in, if not I will get more nervous. The target for most analyst has been reached in the 2nd week of the year. What's next? Just ride the bull.

Finance Index Weekly Chart

Maybank and Commerz help the index to break out. I missed out Maybank warrant. Commerz has no warrant, so left PBBank. I hope it will move too. Chart not yet overbought, so I am expecting for more upside.

Construction Index Weekly Chart

Breakout too. I'm wondering how far will Gamuda go. I'm still observing YTL. The chart for YTL does not look good. Maybe I should consider Cresbld?

Plantation Index Weekly Chart

Still going up. No idea where will it stop.

Property Index Weekly Chart

Downtrend confirm broken. I shall wait for the base building phase first. I will still not buy any property counter yet.

2nd Board Daily Chart

Downtrend has been broken. Still waiting for the base building phase. Not interested in any 2nd board counters.

Mesdaq Daily Chart

Downtrend has also been broken. Will wait for the base building phase. Don't have any interest in Mesdaq counters.

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Proxyclub said...

aiyooooo..swifz wasting energy doing all the reserches for nothing. Tell you what. All you have to do is follow my great master guru Michael2005. He says buy you buy, he says sell you sell.
No brainer!