Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where Are Thou, My Gomen?

Boy oh boy. Hopefully today is the final panic selling. Losers just overwhelm winners 10 to 1. Hopefully, you see big headlines in the major newspaper tomorrow. Then you know the selling may halt temporary. Any rebound is a good time to get out of the weak stocks first, then the stronger one. Looking on the other side of the coin, this could be a very profitable play for a rebound.

KLCI technicals reinforce the bearish divergence in the weekly chart. Are we going into the next 5 years of bear year. When will the authorities approve the issuing of put warrants?

Anyway, what's the probability of HSI and SSEC diving another 5% everyday for the rest of the week? If it happens, this is the black swan that kill the long-only fund while benefiting the hedge funds.

Where is the invincible hand, gomen?

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