Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sector Index Analysis

KLCI Weekly Chart

Uptrend intact. KLCI weekly chart is not yet overbought. RSI divergence downtrend broken. Technically, it can go to 1500 and above. KLCI-CA and KLCI-CC is a good play if KLCI continues to go up. I have position in both of them.

Property Index Weekly Chart

RSI downtrend broken, indicating the downward pressure is over. But no sign on the continuation of uptrend. I will not play any property counter yet.

Plantation Index Weekly Chart

Still going up strongly. I have positions in IOICorp and Kretam warrant.

Finance Index Weekly Chart

Struggling to built a base. No sign of continuation of uptrend yet. I only have position in PBBank warrant as its chart is the best among the rest. I'm looking at Bursa too.

Construction Index Weekly Chart

Some sign of continuation of uptrend (i.e. stochastic) but not yet fully confirm. The only counter I have a position now is Gamuda warrant.

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