Monday, July 06, 2009

New Covered Warrant

New covered warrant from CIMB to be listed on 7 Jul 2009
  1. A50CHTK-C1 (mothershare 2823.HK): 3 Jan 2011/HKD13.58/8 to 1
  2. TRAHK-C1 (mothershare 2800.HK): 3 Jan 2011/HKD18.62/10 to 1
You can easily compute the CW premium by buying my CW Calculator for a low price of MYR30.00 (1 year subscription).

Lastly, to the people of CIMB/OSK/Kenanga or any future CW issuer:
Please put the underlying stock code in your announcement. This will save me the time of googling up based on the stock name.

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