Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Covered Warrant

New call warrants (from CIMB) that will be listed on 23 Jul 2009:
  1. AirAsia-CF (21 Jan 2011, MYR1.16, 2 to 1)
  2. AMMB-CE (21 Jan 2011, MYR3.48, 5 to 1)
  3. Genting-CP (21 Jan 2011, MYR5.50, 8 to 1)
  4. KLK-CI (21 Jan 2011, MYR11.80, 16 to 1)
The lifetime of the warrants kind of long this time. Anyhow, all are not worth it because there are better deals (i.e. existing warrants).

Remember, you can make your life easier by having a Bursa Malaysia Warrant Calculator. Why not give it a 1 year try? The cost is almost the same as the brokerage transaction fees. I'm sure you can earn it back in no time.

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