Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Greedy Dream Gone

Oh, my dream was to leave my current job and to go into the hedge fund industry. I want to be those greedy fund managers, playing with other peoples money and earning 6 obscene figures. Fast car, good wine, good food, big house and branded items.

Well, that is all gone now. Hedge funds are closing down. The chances of getting a job is very low now. Maybe I'm not destined for those. So, I have to be content with playing my own money. That means to be more careful with my money and not take excessive risk. That means a small national car, cheap wine, mixed-rice, low cost house and fake branded items.

But all is not loss yet. Human will have a short memory. It will always be different the next time. The next bubble will come. It will be something different. We have already gone through the bubbles for tulips, trading rights (South Sea Co.), dotcom, property, commodities and energy. Rest assure the next bubble will be waiting to grow. Then maybe, I can achieve my dream. I just hope that I will still be around to see it grow.

Bubble here, bubble there
Bubble burst, becomes big brown bear
Last one in, first one suffer
Big ugly frown, no more laughter

The slow one gets slaughtered
The hopeful becomes bottom pickers
Every rally becomes a new hope
But it was only a short of dope

When the euphoria ends
The bottom pickers are squashed like ants
Everyone is humbled
Assets continue to tumble

But do not despair
A new bubble lay hidden somewhere
With new money and no memories
Ingredients for the next bubble recipe

And so we are back again
Seeking that elusive gain

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