Thursday, December 11, 2008

If Middle Earth Has A Stock Exchange

Oh....look at IOICorp, it may be giving a buy signal base on daily chart!

No no no...cannot touch this....the long term trend is still down!

But the potential move may be high! The weekly chart is ain't that bad too.

It is a downtrend stock. It can stop at any levels and reverse back.

I think that it can go up to 4.00...IOICorp-CJ looks yummy!

The risk is not worth it. I cannot break my trading rules. That is to stay out of downtrend stock.

But it is Christmas time, then it is Chinese New Year....sure will rally and the risk is not that great.

Remember the last time I broke my rule, I suffer huge losses!

Ang pow lai liao, ang pow lai liao.....he he he

Arrrggghhh.......I'm starting to become greedy again. Greedy is the cause of my last downfall.

I can squeeze 50% profit in it. I should take the risk.

Follow the rules. Be discipline. Will not become a good trader if I am not discipline.

(Ah, a little bit of Gollum inside of me)

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