Saturday, May 23, 2009

International Reserves of BNM

From BNM website, I obtained the following:

15 May 2009 is RM321.5 billion (equivalent to USD88 billion)
30 Apr 2009 is RM320.4 billion (equivalent to USD87.7 billion)
15 Apr 2009 is RM320.1 billion (equivalent to USD87.7 billion)
31 Mar 2009 is RM320.7 billion (equivalent to USD87.8 billion)
13 Mar 2009 is RM314 billion (equivalent to USD90.6 billion)
27 Feb 2009 is RM315.9 billion (equivalent to USD91.1 billion)
13 Feb 2009 is RM317.7 billion (equivalent to USD91.6 billion)
30 Jan 2009 is RM316.8 billion (equivalent to USD91.3 billion)
15 Jan 2009 is RM317.2 billion (equivalent to USD91.5 billion)
31 Dec 2009 is RM316.8 billion (equivalent to USD91.4 billion)

It seems that from 15 Apr 2009, BNM reserves starts to increase again. This is around the time where KLCI broke out of the 820-940 trading range. Does this mean that foreign capital are coming back?

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