Saturday, May 23, 2009


KLCI Daily Chart

Still going up, but with reduced volume. Usually, this is a dangerous sign as it indicate less and less people are pushing it up. However, can we take this seriously? The high volume was cause by penny shares like KNM and TA-WB. Maybe now is the big capital turn to rally. Always trade cautiously.

For the past week, I have double-up my IOICorp and Chmobil CW, took a miserable profit on TM CW and since my fingers were too itchy (doing nothing is just too boring), I took a new speculative position on Salcon. From now onwards, I don't think that I would add any more positions as I'm already out of bullets (aka money). Actually, I'm more out of money that I'm willing to put into the market because I still don't believe in this rally but am just glad that I can ride it along. The summary for the sectors are:

Malaysia Longterm Midterm Shorterm
KLCI Neutral Up Up (+)
Finance Neutral Up Up
Construction Up Up Up (+)
Plantation Neutral Up Up
Property Neutral Up Up
Mesdaq Neutral Up Neutral (-)
2nd Board Neutral Up Neutral (-)

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