Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free Money

In 2006, a company was awarded a 3G license in Malaysia. Of course, a highly valuable Malaysian resource should be awarded to a Malaysian company. However, this company does not have the capital or the initiative to provide any 3G service. They hold on their license and waited and waited for something to happen.

In 2007, a foreign-owned company, which have the resource to deploy the 3G service, but cannot get the spectrum (because they are foreign devil), have no choice but to exchange the available spectrum with some yellow shares.

Of course, the person in charge makes some noise about the non-transferability of the license. Anyhow, the transaction proceeded smoothly.

In 2009, the company that was initially awarded the 3G spectrum sold the yellow shares for MYR600 million.

The 3G spectrum license costs MYR50 million per year.

Ain't life is wonderful in this country? Money just falls down on "brother-earth".


Human said...

can u give us the name of that company .Tq

swifz said...

Follow the links and you will get your answers.