Sunday, August 30, 2009


This is interesting. The rise and fall of the USD. Does anyone have a chart for the Malaysian Ringgit? I remember when I was young (around 12 years old), my father took me to Singapore for holiday. The exchange rate then was 1.10 to a Sing dollar. Now, it is 2.44. A country with more people, more oil, more land and more forest loses out to a country that don't even have enough water to drink! Something is really wrong with the way we govern ourselves. Think about it, after 52 years, our purchasing power is still weak. If you compare the price of international goods (TV, car, wheat, milk etc), we need to spend a higher percentage of our monthly income as compared to the Singaporeans.

If you talk about patriotism, then in my opinion, the past (starting from Tun Mahathir era) and present politicians are all not patriotic because their management of the country has made us weaker. We rely on cheap labors or energy to make our products competitive. Our R&D is still weak. We are not only exporting rubber gloves and electronic components, but also humans. Our best brains ended up in Singapore, Austrialia, US and UK. It is not the people that left that is unpatriotic. It is the politicians that created the condition that drove the people out that is unpatriotic.

Selamat Hari Jadi Malaysia!

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