Monday, November 16, 2009


Genm Daily Chart

This should be it. Waited for almost 3 months for the correct signal. Most probably broken the triangle pattern. Should be challenging the downtrend line soon. Good chance of breaking the downtrend line if the breakout from the triangle pattern is valid.

There are 5 CWs and 1 PW (see below):

In my opinion, Genm-CK offers the best value.

Disclosure: Long in CW.


yumi said...


Do you interested to teach techical analysis?

Thank you..

swifz said...

There are many forms of technical analysis. It's all about recognizing repetitive patterns.

One day, I may teach, but not now as I don't have the license to.

yumi said...

Dear Swifz,

I mean just me when you free, twice or three times a week.You chose the date as l am interested to learn, some basic chart. How about that? Please...

swifz said...

I still treasure my anonymity. I feel like a Zorro with a mask :p

Ask me again in January 2009, maybe I will reconsider.

yumi said...

By the way, where r u locate?