Sunday, November 08, 2009

World Weekly Summary

S&P 500 Weekly Chart

S&P 500: Looks like it is going to challenge the downtrend line again. At Friday's (6 Nov 2009) closing, I don't see the possibility of a successful break yet. The index should built a base a current level so that the challenge can be successful.

SSECI Weekly Chart

SSECI: Gave a buy signal on Monday (2 Nov 2009). Looks like it will challenge 3480 resistance.

For the rest of the world, the signal is mixed. Each market is at different phase of correction. I believe that this is good. What I fear most is a strongly correlated up and down market. The former indicates euphoria, while the later indicates panic.

World Monthly Weekly Daily Note
S&P500 Up Up Neutral R=1.12k, S=1.01k
DJI Up Up Up (+) R=10.1k.
NasdaqComp Up Up Neutral R=2.18k
Nikkei 225 Up Neutral Down Next R=11k
Kospi Up Neutral Down R=1.9k.
SSECI Up Up Up (+) R=3.5k. S=2.6k. Finding base.
HSI Up Up Up (+) R=23.5k, S=20k.
TWII Up Up Neutral R=7.9k. S=7k
STI Up Up Neutral R=2.7k. S-2.52k
JKSE Up Neutral Neutral R=2.5k. S=2.3k
SENSEX Up Neutral Down (-) R=17.6k
AORD Up Neutral (-) Down (-) R=4.9k
NZX50 Up Up Neutral (-) R=3.2k
FTSE Up Up Neutral R=5.4k
DAX Up Neutral Down (-) R=6.15k
RTSI Up Up Neutral R=1.5k
Bovespa Up Up Up (+) R=66k


Clement Chew said...

Hi Swifz,

Which charting software are you using?


swifz said...

Metastock 8.0