Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Precious

Silver Futures Monthly Chart

Platinum Futures Monthly Chart

Palladium Futures Monthly Chart

Gold Futures Monthly Chart

Do you have precious metal in your investment portfolio? Looking at the monthly gold, silver, platinum and palladium chart, gold has hit a all time high but the rest are all lagging. Will silver, platinum and palladium play catch up?


IjanMaster said...

Hi Swifz,

I'm one of your blog follower, the one 'tradingbursamalaysia'. I'm also a trader, just recently.
Since i couldn't find your email address, i have to write in your 'comment' column.
I found that you are probably using metatrader software to analyse charts. I noticed you analyse commodity too.
I'd like to try using your charting software to analyse charts. Could you please share with me;
a. How to get your charting software and the data feeder.
b. For commodity, which broker do you use/recommend, inside Malaysia or outside Malaysia?

I appreciate your reply. My email address is


swifz said...

I'm using Metastock. For the data:
1. Malaysia - (paid)
2. US equities - (free)
3. US futures - (free)
4. HK, SG and Shanghai equities - (I wrote my own software to download)

I don't trade commodity futures. I only trade commodity ETFs/ETNs/warrant.