Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bad November

Ok, I have been stop out of my last position. Bad November for me, but still manage to retain about 80% of the profit from October.

HK and China stocks has yet to stabilize. The CW for these counters are getting really attractive but I dare not do day trading. I just don't have the necessary tools or skills or mental strength for day trading.

Keep a lookout for S&P 500, if it breaks 1400, then confirm bear. I think it will break soon as Nasdaq100 has broken it's uptrendline. US presidential election is 1 year away, so I'm not sure when the decline will halt and go for a rally.

Anyway, I think Abdullah will be in bigger trouble if the stock market did not rally as the deadline for election is getting nearer each passing day. Well, you need money for campaign etc. You need to make the voters happy. In essence, you need to indirectly buy off their votes. Well, stock market is the same everywhere, politic is also the same everywhere because it involves human. Ok, enough of politic.

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