Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stalking TM

TM Weekly Chart

11.00 is a strong resistance. If it can close above this level, then expect more upside. If this happens, TM-CF is a good play. Note: I already have a initial position in TM-CF


Anonymous said...

In Malaysia poor chinese & indians subsidize 7% discount to rich malay buy bangalow. Doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hye swifz, Is me again, josh, the guy who always ask you bout shares or u can call me as ur fan.

Erm i came across a blog on shares and ppl call the "bloger" as god of shares. But one thing i find it funny is he doesn't believe in TA and trust fully in FA. he even say TA is full of rubbish. But here, u believe fully on TA. Hemm...why is that so..?any opinion?

BTW i am keeping on eye on geting-cg, TM-cf and ytl-ce.hopefully it will go up because i turst u.^^i know you will definetely say i shouldn't, i know.i will keep track on it.lastly i am reading those books you recommneded.stil got a long way to go.....^^


swifz said...


There are TA, there are FA. Just make sure you are not an A in the market.
(TA: technical analysis, FA: fundamental analysis, A: asshole)

We are humans, everyone has his own method of doing things.

I don't think that FA is useless. It is just not for me. I don't have the time do study accounts, sales, market share etc etc. Furthermore, I can't say because so and so condition, the share will go up or down.

BTW, the media only highlight the success of FAer, i.e. Buffett.

Many successful TAs are not well know in the main stream media such as Ed Seykota, Richard Donchian and Bill Dunn.

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Erm just asking your opinion on F&N?any?
it has a good fundamental and it shows a upward trend.
Is it a good buy?

swifz said...


Uptrend share. How high can it go? I just don't know.

Is it a good buy? I guess it depends whether you are an investor or speculator.

Since I'm more to speculating, I don't like it because it is moving up too slowly.

I bet my answer is not what you are looking for. I suggest you ask other fundamental bloggers.