Monday, November 05, 2007

Two Words

"F*ck*d! Cut!"

That is how I think now. No need to queue and get that extra 1 cent. Just sell at market when the stop is hit. Be the first one to get through the door.

I think that HK CWs play are now over. Rebound here and there, that's the best. Maybe 1 to 2 months of consolidation. Today's cheap sale may be cheaper tomorrow. Jan expiration warrant will be in the immediate danger zone.

Another way to sense trouble: Look at the number of CW issues. If it suddenly increases, that means the pro thinks that the market is in trouble. Just remember, they lose if the underlying share goes up.

The bottom line is: Do not buy.


Billy said...

what do u think about pbb-cd ?

swifz said...

You meant PBBank-CD?

I've an open position. Uptrend still holding. My hope is that PBBank can break out from the uptrend channel, then the profit will be fast and fierce. If know what to do.

Anonymous said...

Hello, do you guys out there know which online trading service in Malaysia that offer "stop" orders, i.e. stop-loss orders that valid-till-cancel? Mine only offers limit order that valid only for one trading day which i found quite inefficient and exhaustive because i need to keep an eye of my holding everyday. Thank you in advance. (Kevin)

swifz said...

Bursa Malaysia system don't have stop order facility. The only option you have is to get your broker to monitor it for you.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your info. That clears my doubt. Because i have been looking for it. (Kevin)