Sunday, November 04, 2007

FTSE-BM Indexes Historical Data

I'm searching high and low for the FTSE-BM indexes historical data. The Mesdaq and 2nd Board Index has just been discontinued. So I can't analyze these two sectors anymore.

I know Yahoo finance do provided the indexes that I'm looking for. The problem is that they don't have the historical data.

Anyone that is reading this entry, if you have the historical data in Metastock format, can you please kindly share it with me? I can update it myself from Yahoo.


morpheuzneo said...


i got some links on how to get EOD data using yahoo finance portal..,
But never try it myself..

try the link above..and get some data.

Update on your blog if you manage to get any data.

coz, i'm also looking for HKSE data and other bourse data.

swifz said...

For HK, USA, Singapore...

To get data from Yahoo directly, use this software: