Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Insider Information?

Samgoss, I have nothing against you. It's your words against SC. But what your friend did (if this really happened) is wrong! SC must open up an investigate on their own people! Unfair advantage has been given to you and others as well. This is against the law.
Samgoss said...

Well..well..well oilcorp limit down !

I hv to thanks my buddy whose working in SC for informing me there might be some wrong doing in oilcorp ac 2 months ago, this is something highly confidential, thus i cannot post it here in my blog, but as known to u , i hv sold all my oilcorp for swap, luckly i choosed to believed him, need to belanja him some abalone n sharkfin emmmrrr.

I told u guys b4, FA for oilcorp is not bad there IF there is no wrong doing in its ac !..that's for sure ! too bad.. look at today volume.. i think d rumours will turn into reality !

As i said.. follow my every steps , I hv my reasons for swapping !

Oilcorp may limit down again 2molo,dont catch d falling knife ! ^V^

November 28, 2007 5:52 PM

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Anonymous said...

i agree. SC is leaking privilege infomation to "selected" people. ACA should investigate and put those involved under ISA!