Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stalking YTL

YTL Weekly Chart

Stalking this counter. Bulls and bears are in equal strength. Going to buy YTL-CE if bulls win.


sifu said...

At the very least 95% of market players lost money in an up market and in a down market. Why so?

The reason is that they based the stock selections based on muddy grounds. These are technical analysis, fundamental reasons, the moon and stars, last by not least, rumours in forums, chat blogs, newspapers,etc. Why so?

Then who are the 5% winners? We all know who they are. If you don't you shouldn't be in the market! I will reveal to you in my next post. Keep reading.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hey My si fu, erm you are stalking on YTL-CE but yesterday i observe it, the volume traded is barely 100.May i know how did u choose this stock?it seems to be not moving...

Million thanks

swifz said...

call me swifz.

YTL-CE is more or less in the money. I'm not going to buy it now. I don't know bulls or bears will win in YTL. The main trigger is when YTL goes above the green box that I have drawn. Then it may challenge the old high.

So keep an eye on it.