Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I'm trying this AdSense thing. I'm a little bit short of cash as my normal job is not paying me enough and my investment is not generating the profit as much and as fast that I want.  The problem that I face is that my capital (i.e. trading money) is small (way way smaller than Uncle Sam). Anyhow, I hope that the advertisement will not irritate you people. If possible, please help a little bit lar. The terms says that I need to wait for upto 48 hours for them to approve. I hope that the checker finds this blog interesting.

I just wonder how much can I make? Anyway, a few things that I will do when they approve my account:
1. Write more technical analysis.
2. Compile more interesting fundamental news.

Everything should come with more words per blog entry. 

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dennisctp said...

u shud try
those are malaysian ad company and they often pay better than google adsense
do read adsense t&c if u wanna try those