Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekly Analysis

KLCI Weekly Chart

Look at that KLCI weekly chart, am I imagining things or is that a V-shape that I'm seeing? This so call bounce is still heading up! As fast as it went down, as fast as it goes up. This week, all useless penny shares are up. This sure gives another red flag. This week, I'm have taken a hit with AirAsia CW. Ouch! That is surely painful. At the beginning of this rally, I have loaded up with plantations CW. Unfortunately, plantations are not moving up much. I have zero exposure to finance, no domestic O&G, almost no construction and very light on penny shares. I guess, I'm not enjoying much of this rally. But performance wise, I think still ok lor.

Malaysia Longterm Midterm Shorterm
Finance Up Up Up
Construction Up Up Up
Plantation Up Up Up
Property Up Up Up
Mesdaq Up Up Up
2nd Board Up Up Up

Looking at the various sectors for Malayisa, everything is very bullish. About 50% of the counters is on bull mode based on weekly charts. See the summary of the chart below.

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